The Best English Fantasy Movies

The Best English Fantasy Movies

Movies are a part of the entertainment that has brought so much attraction resulting in an increasing number of fans. Even kids have favorite movies and TV characters they are quite obsessed with. Fantasy movies are among the best genres of movies that are captivating movie lovers. Innovative art presented on screen as fantasy movies have an apparent fictitious nature but are a powerful tool when used by creative minds. Besides being fascinating to the young and the old, most have a way of staying fixed to the memory for a while due to the strange events present in them. There are lots of fantasy movies you can catch in the cinema, but there are several that can’t be forgotten due to their fine storyline and quality of actions in the movies.

The Hobbit is a good fantasy

The Hobbit is a good fantasy movie to classify as the best for different reasons. Its storyline, which was written by JR Tolkien as a book, was directed by a popular director, Peter Jackson. This movie is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings which is another fantasy movie that also hits the bar of being rated best. All sequels of The Hobbit are worth seeing with their excellent cinematographic representations that are indeed captivating.

This movie's story features a hobbit

This movie’s story features a hobbit joining a fellowship on a quest to claim back a mountainous kingdom that was taken over by a dragon. With lots of suspense scenes and story twists, you will never get bored watching a scene of each movie. Having an average playtime of about three hours per movie, you might need to create a schedule for seeing each sequel.

The Best English Fantasy Movies

Another film like it is The Lord of the Rings which is written by the same author that wrote The Hobbit as both are initially books. This movie is a movie that includes lots of imaginative creatures like the orcs and goblins that are featured in The Hobbit. Elves are also featured in the story with several other imaginative creatures that make the glory of the story’s body. During the quest in the prequel, a ring was found which turned out to be a quite dangerous ring that needs to be destroyed. This new quest to return to the ring is an exciting adventure that will keep you on your toes as to what’s next. Seeing trees walk and even being involved in fights will definitely steal your interest faster than you’d imagine. The Lord of the Rings might just meet that specification of being in the best fantasy movies’ club.

Avengers sequels are world-class movies worth mentioning as fine fantasy movie productions. With a combination of science fiction, this movie has surpassed lots of movies in its category with its box net. This is highly deserving of its admirable story structure that presents heroes with different abilities who have a basic goal of saving the world. Marvel’s characters have their distinctive quality that will make you anticipate the next move of each character. The extra twists in their stories make the Avengers’ endings quite unpredictable despite looking like a straight story initially. Each part ends with a short highlight into the next sequel, keeping you anticipating until it is out.

Wonder Woman 1984 from DC Comics is a blockbuster fantasy movie that belongs to a class of the best. As a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie, this movie involves a lot of wish-making that instantly comes true. Wishing a dead person comes to life is a wish that came true despite its very low probability of happening. The product of such desires can be costly, and it is expressed in this movie which adds a touch of moral to its entertaining nature. The Wizard of Oz is an old-time fantasy movie that suits this selection too. It is an adventure movie with musical touches that makes you understand how important home is.

All these fine selections of fantasy movies are recommended to be seen by those prepared to get blown away into a brand-new world. A touch of strangeness with an overwhelming detail of difference is something that will more than pique your interest but see the world in a new way. Ensure you don’t watch alone to share your amazement with your friends and family.