Best Fantasy Movies in 2020

Best Fantasy Movies in 2020

Watching movies is a great way to relax as well as enjoy the spare time spared daily. Sitting in front of a television does not just seem fun but can be therapeutic if not overdone. You sit because there is something on television that catches your attention and this is where diversity of movies come in. There are different movies due to the numerous directors and producers with writers. Most films originate from books written previously by various authors. Since books are divided into different themes, films are divided similarly. Other films are directly written without reference to other books.

There are romance, adventure, futuristic, comedy,

There are romance, adventure, futuristic, comedy, religious, scientific movies because people have separate tastes. The world often gets boring and there is usually a need to experience something different, something unnatural. Fantasy books or movies open our eyes and minds to an alternate reality other than the one we live in. Finding a good fantasy movie can prove somewhat difficult but with the right selection, you experience it in the best way.

The book was published earlier in

The book was published earlier in 1922 by Hugh Loftin and was originally called ‘Voyage of Doctor Dolittle’. This is regarded as part of the best fantasy books of all time for kids and adults. The movie was released in 1967 with Eddie Murphy playing the main character, Dolittle’. Nevertheless, in 2020, it was brought back to life by Steve Gaghan and Joe Roth who directed/produced the movie. Robert Downey Jr. plays the role of the doctor who has the ability to converse with animals. With help from his animal friends, he goes on an adventure to find a cure for the ailing queen.

Best Fantasy Movies in 2020

DC Comics are globally recognized for their comics, movies, TV shows and video games. Highly competitive with their comic compatriot, Marvel Comics, they strive to provide the best they can. Wonder Woman 1984 is their latest movie based on the popular whip-holding heroine, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot stars as the protagonist, Diana Prince, with Chris Pine as the charming Steve Rogers. Unlike this heroine’s previous movies, she goes back in time to 1984 during The Cold War to battle Max Lord alongside her nemesis, Cheetah.

Disney has produced numerous blockbuster movies, and Artemis Fowl is no different. Artemis fowl: Secret World is adapted from a book written in 2001 by Eoin Colfer. Just like his book, it narrates the story of Artemis Fowl II, an unlikely team as they journey to save his father, Artemis Fowl I. This book attracted mostly children, as the young boy is 12 years old, but adults enjoyed the book, and its movie. As a fan of fantasy movies you will appreciate the effort placed into creating new worlds or dimensions in this film. Even though its movie offers slightly from the book, watching with an open mind adds more fun to viewers.

Fantasy lovers are familiar with the story of two German twins that go missing while finding themselves in the house of a witch. Gretel and Hansel’s story is told at campfires owing its creation to the Brothers Grimm. After multiple movies with rewrites, its story still gets slightly retold in this 2020 horror fantasy movie. Hansel leaves home with his sister, Gretel, because their father died while their mother was turning mad. These kids are forced to deal with starvation as they are without their parents. In their quest for survival, they run into Holda, the cannibalistic witch who tries to push Gretel to the witch side. Watching this movie takes you on a journey with these kids as they tackle this witch.

Witches have always been a part of the fantasy world, they are included in almost every fantasy screenplay or book. ‘The Witches’ is a fantasy movie released in 2020 that exposes viewers to the lives of witches and some problems they face. As most fantasy movies are, this is adapted from a book too, by Roald Dahl. You don’t just enjoy the fantasy it brings, but with the comic addition. It is a fantasy/comedy show about a boy who discovers the existence of witches after one tried to lure him with a snake and caramel. You follow the story of this boy, his grandmother, his mouse as well as the Grand High Witch. There are numerous movies that would heighten the interest of fantasy lovers, these are a few of them.