Best Fantasy Movies For Girls

Best Fantasy Movies For Girls

Films are meant to provide entertainment and give real life lessons by portraying things in different perspectives. The likes of mystery and thriller give us tactics to handle tough situations. Romantic comedy focuses on love matters, especially on how you should behave if you are the naïve type. Fantasy film has an element of magic, it is like a myth. In a way assists us to understand certain phenomena and discern things in a rational manner. You learn how to approach difficult things in real life, this is because of the role played by different characters.

Fantasy movies are works of fiction, relating characters to real life scenarios. The names of actors might not be real, but the content will always relate to life. Through fantasy drama, you learn to appreciate adversity and be more receptive. This genre is suitable for girls because it teaches them to be good problem solvers and creative. A woman, an epitome of beauty not only within but through her deeds more sore in decision-making.

Ghost, a romantic, fantasy thriller movie

The princess bride is a romantic fantasy movie that centers around love. How a peasant man fights for the woman he loves, passes through so much hardship to rescue his one true love. Girls get to understand the power of love, what a real man should do to preserve friendship. They learn virtues like patience, humility, forgiveness, and leadership which are applicable in daily human life. Some things are inevitable, such should be treated with normality to survive. The princess faced challenges through the hands of prince Humperdinck, but God used Westley to rescue her.

Ghost, a romantic, fantasy thriller movie that suits girls, has extraordinary things happening to Sam’s wife. After the death of Sam, his wife Molly is hurt, she can’t think straight. Carl, a close friend of Sam, uses this opportunity to destruct Molly to enable a burglar to steal from Molly’s house. Girls are informed on how to stay put after calamities like death, drought and not to trust easily. This movie portrays a picture of what happens in our lives. A close friend betrays and breaks a happy family to fulfill his wants. If young girls watch such films, they know what to expect, whom to confide in and stay strong.

Splash features the life of a

Stardust, an adventure movie recognized for its comic performance, is a must-watch for girls. It contains lots of magic done to destroy innocent people and harm lives due to selfishness. The characters in this play were team players because of having the same objective. Despite facing challenges of love, Tristan was determined to earn true love which he later on gained after meeting Yvaine. Yvaine suffers a lot but perseveres because of hope. Tristan’s skills in decision-making marked a great role in emerging as a victor in tougher scenarios.

Splash features the life of a mermaid surviving on land, you learn the reality of mermaid stories. Their existence, life expectancy or habitual behavior are different from human beings. Although the protagonist in this novel could talk, you can depict a variety of images or stories to entertain people. Fantasy movies focus on magic, and its relevance in life. For example, the stardust has witches who do evil to harm innocent beings, the same case applies in real life. Witches exist, to destroy good plans by creating confusion to prevent happy endings.

Best Fantasy Movies For Girls

There are phenomena learnt in classrooms through theories, such are addressed in fantasy movies to give you a clear picture. Ghost portrays the betrayal of a close friend whom you trusted with your family and work. A direct indication that not all friends are to be cherished, some friendships need to be work related, no further arrangements. Your enemies use your weakness to harm you, Carl knew his friend’s wife was devastated after the death of Sam. He grabs the chance to save his thirst and greed, forgetting the cause of Sam’s death.

All these movies are informative and should be watched by every gender. Everybody needs to be entertained, experience matters in reality to attest to other people. The work of fiction is good not only in boosting imaginative skills rather in decision-making. You must be receptive, enjoy learning new tactics, be a creative, and active listener. Critical thinkers acquire their skills from watching fantasy films then develop ideas after analyzing carefully.